With our heated bed the part is flat and remains so throughout the print

Without a heated bed the part warps 

Why a heated bed?

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110vac version          240vac version

  Tired of WARPED Parts?

Our heated bed systems will solve the problem!

     Available for your CubePro, CubeX, 3D Touch and BFB series printers.

                         *  We ship worldwide                  
                 * Systems Install in less than one hour  

                 *  Proven reliability with almost 1,000 systems in use worldwide 

CubePro Heated Bed Systems

​   Massive Sale on  Heated Bed Systems

​                                       Save Up to $300 on complete Heated Bed Systems ​(Website pricing reflects sale price)

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  $499 (US)                     $599 (US)


Cubex Uno, Duo, Trio

BFB3000, BFB3000plus.

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